# About Secret Foundation

The Secret Foundation is a key organization in the Secret Network ecosystem. It is dedicated to building, researching, and scaling adoption of decentralized technologies for the public good, with privacy at their core. Its guiding values are Usability, Sustainability, Impact, and Empowerment.

# Mission / Ethos

To advance privacy as a human right and public good; to empower individuals through development and use of decentralized technologies; to protect freedom and create more valuable systems by eliminating data monopolies; and to build a sustainable network, foundation, and community that will work to instill these core values around the world.

# What does the foundation do?

Among other activities, the Secret Foundation will: help establish efficient and effective governance and communication practices for the Secret Network community (and the foundation itself), produce useful educational materials, and advance research and development of privacy-preserving networks and applications while maintaining a global presence that helps to expand their positive impact and universal adoption.

# How is the foundation structured?

The foundation has a Board of Directors and an Operating Team, as well as Community Committees. It also aims to work with advisors and partners that share its mission and ethos.

# Committees

The foundation helps to steward community commitees, allowing community members to contribute to key governance and development initiatives for Secret Network. The focuses of these committees include:

  • Governance
  • Education
  • Development
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Awareness

# Meetings

View our public event calendar, which includes our weekly committee discussions and other collaborative opportunities.